Al Capone Corvus
Shiny No
Friends Vasuman




Antonio (Toni)

Co-Workers Antonio (Toni)
Enemies Detective Pras
Al Capone is a crow and crows nom eyes... he can't seem to tell the difference between eyes and Cigarettes... so He's all "Why cigarette taste funny? D: "

Capone lets Tony ride on his back sometimes.... SOMETIMES =-=


Al Capone as a Murkrow. Toni as a Sneasel

A rather ruthless assassin. He works with a Weavile. Has a bad habit of zoning out and taking bites at people’s eyes… even his blood thirsty partner finds that disturbing. He hates cold weather but loves staying in on cold days and drinking hot coffee. He won’t care who they have to kill as long as he gets paid. When he’s not on the job he’s much warmer in personality. //hand wave I’ll think of something better someday. Or not.


Al Capone and Antonio mah Honchkrow and Weavile... as humans i guess. XD I think they would be assassins and dorky ones at that.

Toni enjoys his job far too much, and Capone tries to keep a level head but is short tempered and will tweak out due to Tonis faggotry. XD Toni loves snow and hates heat... due to being an ice type. Capone hates the snow. YAY pokemon. XD idk OP didnt come out this week so im like... tweakin out. –fail


Al is an assassin. His partner in crime is Antonio. They dont get along too well since hes a "Dont touch me" kind of person and Tony is a "IMMA TOUCH YOU cB<" kinda person.

Al hates the snow and the sun. He likes to smoke and LOVES to drink... he also has an odd craving for eyeballs and will sometimes zone out when hes being talked to ... and lean closer and closer to someones face until he tries to bite. Sometimes he gets punched. He talks with a thick New York accent. Cause 'Cahs' are way cooler then 'Cars'. ... This is also fact.


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