Angie/Envy -Accidental: Anaphylaxis

YES GOOD. My last Ghost! Aegislash!

Shes a peaceful, wandering ghost. She didnt have a name picked out when she met the Father. Eventually when they got to know each other and the Father wanted to know what to call her, she asked him to pick a name for her. He picked Angela so now she goes by Angie. She doesnt stay for a very long time at the church but she likes to stop by to visit some of the more friendly ghosts there. She has an eyeball on her neck. Its sensitive. Dont poke it.


When she was alive she was a history professor. History of what? IDK… but she was a nice lady but she always a little envious of other people who got to explore the world… her death was accidental. She ate something she was highly allergic to and suffocated.

Shiny No
Death Accidental: Anaphylaxis
Sin Envy
Other Ghosts Nebula, Artimador, Chester, Talla, Jukai, Jenkins, Poppet, Pup, Pet, Zipper, Danny, Ulla, Fu, Zeppelin, Bex, Nirvana, Spirit and Tomb, Virgil, Skadi, Dr. Tom, Samara, Dimitri, Sheut, Iaret, Zoe, Engel, Jerry, Ester, Philip, Roberto, Sefer, Adam, Charlemagne (Charles), Tizona, Connie, Willow, Pepo, Gordo

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