Bat dragon Pokemon person thing that I never finished… Something with shady crime syndicates and what not. Beryll is the head of some shady criminal organization. Not a whole lot is known about her, especially her past but she’s very powerful and not afraid to call for some heads to roll if she’s crossed. She lives a double life… and besides her company she’s got a very peaceful home life and a little son name Kitti. Her girlfriend used to be part of that peaceful, normal part of her life but then she got hurt (by a rival gang? who knows.) and Hobbes became her pretty little fairy bodyguard. She’s mostly a no nonsense kind of lady but her soft spot for Kitti and Hobbes is crazy obvious by the way she spoils them both and allows Hobbes to call her ‘Berry’… not to mention her usually cold lookin face will brighten up at the sight of either one of them-

Shiny No
Family Kitti (Son)

Friends Hobbes
Co-Workers Hobbes

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