Every Pokemon that has not had a gijinka created for them, listed in alphabetical order.

If a Pokemon is fully evolved, it is not included in its pre-evolution pages. Therefore, there are Pokemon listed that may have a gijinka for them that had evolved. For example, Zippo Saraf is a Charizard and is not listed under Charmander or Charmeleon, despite there being artwork of him as those Pokemon, since he is not those Pokemon at present.

To assist in looking for gijinka, the evolution lines of the Pokemon listed here are linked on their Pokemon Page. For example, clicking either "Charmander" or "Charmeleon" will bring up their respective Pokemon Pages. The page will say "None so far. Check out its evolution line to see who might have been one!" or "None so far.  Check out its evolution line to see who might have been/may be one!". These statements will then be followed by links in order of first evolution to last evolution. In this example, clicking on the last evolution "Charizard" will bring up the Charizard Pokemon Page, where "Zippo Saraf" will be listed. Clicking the link will bring up Zippo's profile, in which information and pictures of Zippo as both a Charmander and Charmeleon can be found.

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