Cicero is a Gothorita! He has a bit of a macho way about him due to his species being commonly women. He enjoys strutting around and being manly… he got teased a lot as a kid… especially with a name like “Cicero” one can only be called “Sissy-Ro” so many times…

Even so he hasn’t really gotten anything from his time as a kid… and tends to call people by mean nicknames as well. He started Kelly on “Cow Bell” but they’re friends now so he calls Kelly “Sugar Lips” now instead. His other bff is Stefani (Sweet Tits, she doesn’t mind). They’ve been friends for forever.

He’s a big momma’s boy and has been taught to treat women with respect… he’d never call a girl one of his nicknames around his momma and if he ever called Stafani “Sweet Tits” around her, shed likely kick his ass. She’s not very strong but he’d take the beating.

Stefani basically treats him the way she treats the little kids she looks after

Cicero Antares
Shiny No
Family (Unnamed Mother)

Friends Kelly



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