His name is Clay and he friggan loves him some earth and rocks and all that fun shit. He’s super passionate about and could talk about it non-stop if someone let him… but because he focuses so much on this passion he’s pretty lost on most other subjects… and is super socially awkward. He doesn’t have m/any friends… he’s knows that he’s super uncomfortably awkward.

He doesn’t mean it… but… He can’t help himself.

Clay Srata
Shiny No
Co-Workers Winegard Tenna

He talks with his hands and his ears join along which makes him knock things over sometimes… because he totally forgets not to gesture with his big ears when he’s in small spaces.

He wears bifocals and a wooly sweater vest

Poor Mr. Strata… such a mess.

IDK yet if I wanna make him a super awkward teacher or Geologist. I’ll figure it out later

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