Shiny No
Friends Cornelius
Hawk the Skuntank… who is a homeless person. He likes sucking on toxic fumes and huddling against people for warmth. He’s got an obsessive need to have SOMETHING on his head.Hawker is a Skuntank. He likes the taste of poisonous gasses and follows Cornelius around for the high. Sucking exhaust is not good for you, and Hawker looks ttly unhealthy... cuz he is. The poison won't kill him... but still makes him look all fucked up. He likes things on his head, hat, his tail, a part of his scarf, maybe his hands... without his head covered a bit he feels uncomfortable. He's a total bum and has never had a job and is homeless. He doesn't mind.

They cant, out-right, tell each other that they care. So they talk like this....

"Oh hey... I'm gonna order a pizza and stuff ... if ya wanna come hang out." instead of "You're homeless in the middle of winter and I really don't want you to freeze or starve to death so please come with me!"


"I'm ttly not cuddling into you for warmth NAW, just being a mooch like usual HAHA! Im not like, desperate or anything!" Instead of "Im really cold so im just gonna snuggle with you for warmth! Please take me home!"

I'm sure he stayed the night cuz:

"Well it seems your clothes arn't done washing so, you will have to stay." and not "Im not letting you go out in the cold! Cuz damn it I'm worried!"


"Well if ya cant be without my awesome-ness! hahaha~" instead of "OMG THANK YOU ITS FREEZING! YOU'RE A BRO! :'D"

MEN. this is how they are. They're not awkward at all. Naw


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