Hes a very effeminate, smug, douchebag. He enjoys fine wine, a nice cigar and walking around his home in women's lacy lingerie, this creates a lot of awkward moments for delivery people going to his house, he'll barely cover up. He's kind of a hedonist. His only friends are Sal and Gav... and probably his cousin Koko though she doesn't appreciate him stealing her panties to wear, but loves to go shopping with him(hes rich after all! I AINT SAYIN SHES A GOLD DIGGER.).

He has a habit of buying Prince fuck-all... toys, clothes, knick-knacks, things that a kid his age wouldn't even care to have.

He loves fish Pokemon.... not for any ulterior reason... just thinks theyre neat... PLEASE BELIEVE HIM.

Shiny No
Family Koko (Cousin)

Prince (Second Cousin)

Friends Florence Minthe

Salvador (Sal)

Gavin (Gav)


Florence somehow become good friends with a Sassy, cross-dressing Liepard named Leo who's usually too much of a dick to make any real friends. He appreciates her style though and grew fond of her… now their practically married… in a platonic way.

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