Shiny No
Death Murdered: Hanged
Sin Greed
Other Ghosts Nebula, Artimador, Chester, Talla, Jukai, Jenkins, Poppet, Pup, Pet, Zipper, Danny, Ulla, Fu, Zeppelin, Bex, Nirvana, Spirit and Tomb, Virgil, Skadi, Dr. Tom, Samara, Dimitri, Sheut, Iaret, Zoe, Engel, Jerry, Ester, Roberto, Sefer, Adam, Charlemagne (Charles), Tizona, Angie, Connie, Willow, Pepo, Gordo
Philip/Greed -Murdered: Hanged

Philip the male Lampent. In his former life he was loan shark... now that hes dead hes just as greedy and violent as he was in life. He was murdered by hanging and now sort of just floats just above the ground now... being all creepy and smiling and wanting money like a bastard. 'Murdered by hanging.'


Phil was a bastard among bastards! A loan shark. If he didn’t get his money he’d kill anyone Men, Women, Children… he didn’t care… he’d shoot the pet fish if it was important to the person in debt to him. Being a bastard can get a guy into trouble… and it did for Phil. He was murdered. Hanged for being such a piece of shit. In death he floats around like the rope was still holding him up, feet just sorta dangle. Death hasn’t changed him much.

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