Sheut ☆
Shiny Yes
Death Suicide: Gunshot
Sin Pride
Other Ghosts Nebula, Artimador, Chester, Talla, Jukai, Jenkins, Poppet, Pup, Pet, Zipper, Danny, Ulla, Fu, Zeppelin, Bex, Nirvana, Spirit and Tomb, Virgil, Skadi, Dr. Tom, Samara, Dimitri, Iaret Zoe, Engel, Jerry, Ester, Philip, Roberto, Sefer, Adam, Charlemagne (Charles), Tizona, Angie, Connie, Willow, Pepo, Gordo
Sheut/Pride -Suicide: Gunshot

Sheut the shiny male Yamask. When he was alive he was very proud of his pretty face... not in death hes very proud of his shiny mask... there's no need to look under it. Dont even worry. Hes pretty quite and keeps to himself. Killed himself after an accident that mangled his face.

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