Star Fayre
Shiny No
Family Endymion Fayre (Older Brother)

Friends Koko
Significant Other Amazon
Co-Workers Ellie (Maid)

So Amazon met her gf Star when she was still a Nidorina. Star is a quiet, rich girl everyone ASSUMES is a snob cuz she don't talk to them. She's just really shy and get the nerve to go up to people, she thinks that nobody likes her for some reason so shes intimidated.

She bumped into Amazon and they started a conversation and thus became bffs then gfs.

Star never evolved due to her not fighting and still being at lvl1.

Her brother Endymion is how people thought she was. A ttl snob. He thinks hes BETTER THEN EVERYTHING THATS EVER EXISTED... sept his sister, who he treats as an equal.

He dont like Amazon, dont think shes good enough for his sister. Even goes and tries to set his sister up with people he can control with money.... but no dice cuz Star LOEV Amazon. He also hates that Star cooks for her and is appalled that she cleans and does chores... again cuz hes a rich snob who has servants and dont think his sister should have to do such work.

He tried to set his sister up with Koko, who is a thief and LOVES money. Koko and Star became bffs but nothing else. Koko is also straight so it wouldnt have worked out anyways.


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