Picture Corrupt. Working on it - Dest

Mew and Arceus. Like evolution and Religion... I shoulda added Deoxys for Scientology... -w-.

Unnamed Arceus
Shiny No
Co-Workers Unown Army


Calm natured Arceus… is the god of all Pokies. I sorta make his followers sort of in a Christianity kinda religion but hes a lot more like Zeus. Hes a pretty laid back. He likes taking a human form and dicking around with mortals for kicks. Although hes mostly a pleasant kinda guy when hes crossed he gets really vindictive and mean. Hes got a legion of creepy Unown minions

Poke-Angel and Poke-Demon are all up in each others face and Poke-God is all... bitch... STFU. Reshiram and Zekrom are pretty gangsta

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