Vector (2)
Family Ian (DNA Donor)

Patients/Experiments Ian

Prince Dilla





Emanuel, Vex, Ottie are scientists that work for Dex. They study 'Squeakers' and helped create 2! 83 Emanuel is Vex and Ottie's boss. He and Ottie are very impatient. 8c Dex and 2... are all scientisty... Roarks human Rampardos LOEVS him! 8D

An experiment, he was cloned from Ians DNA and just fucked with to be made into a weapon. OF COURSE LIKE USUAL That cant work out JUST AS PLANNED (since it was Emanuels project and I cant let him be happy. 8'D) He woke up prematurely and busted out and stole Ian (who is like his mommy) and one of Gellers lab coats (hes just about the same height and Vector is smart enough to not run around nekkid unless you want a lot of attention). Hes very strong but has a very obvious weakness, the little tube that connect from hi spine into his head. Pull it out and he starts losing his power until he drops down dead.

Geller thought it was immoral to clone a person just to be a weapon, so even though he might have stood a chance fighting or at least ripping out his tube, he chose to let him go. Emanuel hates him for that, but whats a Raticate gonna do?

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