-Murdered: Poison

Zoe the female Frillish. She looks all sweet and pink and loveable but really shes a crazy, blood-thirsty bitch. She loves to fight and doesnt take no for an answer... she will chase people down and knock them out... and all this with a sweet, innocent smile on her face. Slowly murdered with poison.

Shiny No
Death Murdered: Poison
Sin Wrath
Other Ghosts Nebula, Artimador, Chester, Talla, Jukai, Jenkins, Poppet, Pup, Pet, Zipper, Danny, Ulla, Fu, Zeppelin, Bex, Nirvana, Spirit and Tomb, Virgil, Skadi, Dr. Tom, Samara, Dimitri, Sheut, Iaret, Engel, Jerry, Ester, Philip, Roberto, Sefer, Adam, Charlemagne (Charles), Tizona, Angie, Connie, Willow, Pepo, Gordo

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